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Different jurisdictions across the globe have their regulations and laws that govern online gambling, and when it comes to Australia, it is no exception. In the past two decades, Australia online gaming market has experienced numerous changes. These changes and the emergence of hundreds of online casino sites in Australia has made it extremely difficult to find genuine online casinos.

The recent online casinos changes were put in place in 2017, and these particular changes are the most impactful in Australian online casinos history. Several years ago, Australia was one of the most popular markets among online casino players and online casino operators. It was a perfect operator-player relationship. Additionally, UK online casinos were very popular. Unfortunately, they were first to relocate from the Australian jurisdiction after remote gaming was banned. Nonetheless, there are a few dependable online casinos that are still willing to entertain Aussies, for instance, the Australian Online Casino which one of the few reputable online casinos in the country.

Can Australian Casino Players Still Pay Online?

A majority of well-established online casinos have relocated from Australia. Generally, all UK licensed casinos have stopped entertaining players from Australia. Online casinos that have been licensed under the banner of the Malta Gaming authority have also stopped taking in new Aussie players. Though a majority firms have shipped out of Australia; there are still a few online casino operators that are catering for the needs of Aussie players.

A Brief History Overview of Remote Gaming in Australia

Decades ago, the regulations were unclear whether the Australian public was permitted to play online casino games. The Australian government had no issues with the online gaming industry until the number of players in the country reached unmatched proportions. Many lobbyists and activists used this as their stepping stone to launch their all-out attack on remote gaming or online casino gaming. Both passionate and casual online casino players were just observing the changes. The Interactive Gaming Act of 2001 banned local online casino operators from entertaining players in Australia. However, it did not mention anything about offshore operators, who have offices located in the European Union.

Numerous Australian exclusive online casinos emerged from between 2005 to 2017. With the latest changes, the casino operators have been forced to rebrand, and revamp their offers and begin servicing other players from other regions, with New Zealand being one of their best alternatives.

Online Casino Bonuses for Aussie Players

The casinos which are adamant about entertaining players from Australia do so by offering a broad range of pleasantries, for instance, free spins and bonuses. Australian players are keen pokies, and this makes free spins one of the best possible kind of bonus. Before the regulations, Aussie players were seen as privileged, and they were eligible always for different bonus offers.

Today, although the number of casinos has reduced, Australian players can still take advantage of free spins and bonus money. For how long these particular casinos will be in business is not yet known, however, what is definite is that as long as the casinos continue entertaining Aussie players, bonuses will remain on the menu.

The fun begins with the welcome bonus, and this is something that you should take advantage of. Normally, this is the largest bonus amount which players get throughout their stay.

Free Spins and No Deposit Bonuses

Sign up free spins, no deposit bonuses, and freebies of any type have become a bit rare in a majority of Australian online casinos. Nonetheless, there are still a few casinos that still provide players with bonus funds. Usually, the no deposit bonuses come with maximum cash-out limits. However, Aussie casino players are normally subjected to cash-out limits which make the no-deposit bonuses lucrative in nature.


Presently all remote gaming is banned in the country. Australian tax experts believe that the Australian government should create its own unique online gaming regulators, like the Malta Gaming Authority, and the UKGC. A majority of EU countries have established their own national regulators, for instance, Spain and Denmark. Unless online casino operators obtain a license from the national regulators of these countries, they cannot accept wagers from Spanish and Danish players.

Online gaming is viewed as a steady source of tax revenues, and it is tightly regulated. With the recent changes, all remote gaming and advertising of online casinos became banned. Offshore online casinos were required to create IP restriction systems and remove all the materials that targeted Australian players.