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  • No. 1 Slot Game - Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2 Slot Game

    Iron Man 2 Slot Game is an award winning slot game developed by Playtech which blends immersive graphics and high quality sound effects. Hit the button to discover more and see why it gets the top spot on our list.

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  • No. 2 Slot Game - X-Men

    X-Men Slot Game

    Based on the hit comic book epic featuring many of your favourite characters like wolverine, mystique, xavier, the juggernaut and many more + super features like the X-Feature

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  • No. 3 Slot Game - The Incredible Hulk

    Hulk Slot Game

    Smashing it's way into our No.3 spot is the green mound of muscle The Incredible Hulk Slot Game. The Incredible Hulk has great features like the bonus round where you get to "Smash" a few cop cars and helicopters.


  • No. 4 Slot Game - Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four Slot Game

    At No.4 we have The Fantastic 4...coincedence? I think not. The Fantastic 4 Slot game boasts some of the best graphics we have ever seen and also allows players to choose which bonus round they would like to play.

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  • No. 5 Slot Game - The Amazing Spider-Man

    Spider Man Slot Game

    Swinging in at No.5 is our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman jam packed with cool effects, gameplay and features like the two bonus rounds which are the Spiderman and Venom bonus rounds.

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  • No. 6 Slot Game - The Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider Slot Game

    The Ghost Rider comes in flaming hot No.6 with it's action packed features and a brilliant bonus round where the ghost rider rides around saving people from burning cars + all wins are multiplied by the triggering bet.

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