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What's Flash Play?

In some cases potential players are unable to download a casino for whatever reason be it that they are in a hotel which restricts downloads and therefore require a solution. Most online casinos available today offer a solution in the form of no download "Flash Play" which does not require the user to download casino software to their computer or device. Instead players are able to play directly in the browser using flash based casino software.

Advantages of Flash Play

  • Instant, high quality games and software are available within seconds.
  • Saves you disk space on your hard drive by not having to install the software.
  • You do not have to go through the download setup etc. before getting to play your favourite games.
  • Flash Play offers a fantastic gaming selection such as Video Poker, Slot Games, Blackjack or Poker and it's instant.

How to use Flash Play

  • Click on the instant or flash play button on the casino website.

  • Instant play button
  • Select either "Practice Mode" or "Play for real money".

  • Flash Play - Play for real money or practice mode.

  • Once you have made your selection it will go through to the "Create Acoount" or "Login" page.

  • Create an account or Login
  • If you have an account simply login. If not create your own account.
  • Once you have either created an account or logged in you will be ready to play your favourite games.