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About Playtech

Established in 1999, Playtech is the worlds leading publicly traded online gaming software supplier and with good reason. Playtech offer cutting-edge, high-quality, value added gaming solutions. Playtech utilises a unified software platform for all of it's games meaning they can produce a multitude of stunning games utilising the same technology. Another added advantage is that players may play multiple Playtech games with the same username and password.

Playtech offer a multitude of gaming options including: Slot Games, Popular Table Games such as Poker & Blackjack, Bingo, Mobile Gaming & Live Casino Games. The games produced and or created by Playtech are of the highest quality available together with 24/7 customer support, support for multiple currencies and languages and a stand-alone platform, it's no surprise that Playtech are at the forefront of Online Casino Gaming.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Cross-Platform Compatibility Diagram

Playtech utilise a management system called the IMS(information Management System) which is a single solution, tailored across multiple channels allowing players to easily transition between products creating a borderless gaming experiance. The IMS System is the backbone to Playtech's impressive portfolio. One of the main aspects of Playtech's cross-compatibilty is the ability to offer players a unified login and authentification process allowing the same content to be displayed across multiple channels and platforms.

Playtech Games

Playtech have one of the largest gaming portfolio's in the world with over 400 games available. Playtech utilise the Enhanced Gaming Engine Platform or EdGE for all you acronym fans out there. Games which are on the EdGE platform provide support for multiple domains as well as support for 30 languages and any currency. The EdGE system has also been incorporated into the IMS system allowing seamless and robust cross-compatibiilty.

Playtech push the boundries in the industry producing first-class games with high-quality graphics and superb, crisp audio across a multitude of genres such as slot games, video poker, table and card games, specialty games and many, many more. Playtech launch over 50 gaming titles per year which in turn means that there are constant game launches ensuring that players will have a variety of top-notch games to choose from.

Take a gander at a list of some of the other popular gaming titles which Playtech have to offer >

Playtech Games

Playtech Win A Jackpot

Playtech's Win A Jackpot is a vast network of progressive jackpots encompassing multiple games across all of Playtech's platforms providing players with the opportunity to win multi-million dollar jackpots. Connecting games such as slots, video poker and table games allowing players to hit the jackpot across multiple gaming genres and types.